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Above all: Culture match

Above all: Culture match

Why culture match is so important and what are the main characteristics of culture in a German family-owned company

Culture match is significant factor for all new hires regardless of seniority and, when it comes to senior management and strategic roles, this match has no alternative. Culture of a company includes all beliefs and behaviors that are visible in everyday internal and external interactions; this is a real company culture – the one that really lives among people. Official culture, a set of written values and missions, might correlate with the real one, or might differentiates. Alignment between company culture and culture of senior management is paramount for fostering organizational cohesion and effective leadership. If a newly hired senior manager does not truly share the same values and behaviors, either divergence will grow and end with dismission, or a parallel culture will be gradually created and a gap between official and real culture will grow. In both cases, consequences are clear.

Companies are made of people and companies` cultures are made of people`s values, predominantly their owners, boards, and senior managers. Different factors influence creation of different companies` cultures: wider business culture in a certain environment, company size, ownership structure, internationalization, etc. Thus, one international enterprise doesn’t have and cannot have the same culture as a mid-sized family-owned business. Matching our personal values with the company’s is essential, and it’s good to know characteristics of different cultures in advance, in order to search and select the best environment for our satisfaction, growth and development. So, let’s get to know a culture of a German family-owned company.

Through my engagement in Dr. Heimeier Executive Search, I have a close cooperation with a number of German family-owned companies and some aspects are unique in all of them:
1. What you see is what you get: this culture brings transparent communication and you will not find a corporate game of thrones there. Written values are visible in everyday interactions. The values include transparency, honesty, loyalty, down to earth attitude and, above all, trust.
2. Integrity and meaning of a given word: if they gave you the word, this will happen. Reasonable, they will expect the same from you. Words have and should have the strength.
3. The importance of partnership: in this culture, partnership is not an empty phrase. Owners truly value their management and companies value their associates and contractors.
4. Competence: professional expertise and professional approach are very important. Thorough approach, high standards and commitment are visible and expected.
5. Reasonable time flow: you will have enough time for onboarding and delivering first results. Not every quarter will be the quarter of your life, but time is also not measured in decades.

I guess it`s obvious that I enjoy cooperation with this business culture and sharing the same values.
If you have the similar, let`s connect!

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