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We are close to you with our thorough analysis and precise assessment. We utilize various methods in order to provide the right one for you. We are committed and come up with the problem solving guarantee.

Through our consulting approach, Dr. Heimeier Executive Search is supporting clients in finding the right solution for strategic roles in their companies. We cooperate with companies and organizations from different industries, mid-sized as well as large companies.

Our business implies search and selection of executives and other strategic roles through executive search and combined search, custom-made management diagnostics and management salaries benchmark.

We are your sparring partner and advisor when it comes to making important business decisions!

Modern executive search consulting must be able to adapt to the rapidly changing tasks at top management level.

Practically every client nowadays addresses changing requirements – whether it be due to changed processes within the client’s company, changes in the markets or social changes.

Executive search

We represent your company, your business model and the vacant position in the candidate market. The basis for this stems from the many years of management and consulting experience built up by our partners and consultants. We also use this expertise to manage complex selection processes with the necessary routine and the aim of attracting the right candidates for you.

A fundamental element of any search is the qualified direct approach. One aspect that goes without saying here is the personal market introduction of our consultants and our research teams with established and resilient contacts and networks in the respective target industries of our customers.

Our self-understanding of a trusting relationship with our clients is a characteristic of everything we do. We see ourselves as a sparring partner and advise you when it comes to making important business decisions.

We are also a dependable advisor to our candidates and support them throughout the entire project cycle, up to and including the signing of the contract and the onboarding process.

Particularly in volatile times, this holistic approach and the role of our consultants is becoming even more important.

The range of our executive search services includes search and selection of:


Including members of Management Boards and Executive Boards.


General Managers, Operations Managers, Plant Managers, C-level positions

Core competence in discreet direct approach

Tailor made approach and using of
customized channels and tools


General and Functional management roles accountable for multiple markets within SEE


Positions that have crucial importance for the company and do not imply leading of a team

Management diagnostics

Dr. Heimeier Executive Search d.o.o. provides management diagnostics as custom-made service based on the client specific need. Management diagnostics represents systematic evaluation of managers, either candidates for management roles, either already employed managers or other employees with strategic accountabilities, and is a basis for making important decisions. In rapidly changing environment in particular, the procedure provides additional opportunity to objectively benchmark requirements and appropriate matching.

Dr. Heimeier Executive Search provides management diagnostics for a wide range of application areas and the service itself is always adjusted for specific need of a specific client. It might be used as addition to our executive search and combined search process; as a process that will identify high-potential employees within the company as a basis for succession planning, as assessment of existing manager(s) due to further career planning or determination of learning and development plans.

Our management diagnostics provides systematically based insights into managers` leadership style, strengths and development areas, as well as motivational drivers to perform their best.

Management salary benchmark

In line with our company slogan “The right ones for your success”, our aim is to provide the right personnel solutions and services in our local market, and this also includes accurate management salary data.

In first quarter of 2023, we performed our first benchmarking project with an aim to provide appropriate frame and pragmatic approach, a matching of local top management positions going from the top down and based on positions` purpose. The benchmark has been focused to production environment in Serbia and senior management roles, including general and functional top country level. 

Through the project, we`ve collected salary and benefits data from various production companies, operating in different industries, that participated in our project. The data in our database are strictly confidential and we are not disclosing any individual data. The data serves as a basis for creation of custom-made reports for interested parties. On the basis of interested party`s business, we can create a relevant sample from our database, apply statistical methods and create custom-made reports. Usage of different criteria (geographic location, type and size of business, etc.), as well as final reports, is custom-made.

We present salary data through percentiles, a measure used in statistics that indicate the value below which a given percentage of observations in a group of observations falls. We are providing: 25th percentile, 50th percentile, 75th percentile and the mean.

Below you will find some additional details, and if you are interested in a custom-made report for your company, feel free to reach us. In meantime, take a look at salary increase trends in 2023 and you will find out what part of the market has a regular annual salary increase, what part of the market has an increase based on inflation alignment, as well as the percentage increase amounts.

What does salary information include?

– Annual gross salary in EUR
– Percentage of maximal annual bonus 
– All benefits that a position is entitled to (company car, private insurances, etc.)
– Salary inflation alignment
– Salary alignment as regular salary increase

Is it possible to benchmark by geographical regions?

Yes. We have separate data for Belgrade and surrounding, area north from Belgrade (Vojvodina) and area south from Belgrade (Šumadija, Western, Southern and Eastern Serbia).

Is it possible to benchmark by type of a business?

Yes. All our data refers to foreigh investments in Serbia, while comparisons are possible for different HQ business type: stock exchange listed business, private/family-owned large or private/family-owned mid-size business.

Is it possible to benchmark by business size?

Yes, it is possible to benchmark according to annual turnover in Serbia and number of employees.

Which industries are included?

FMCG,  packaging industry and  automotive / electric and electronics / mechanical and electrical equipment / metallurgy and metal processing

Which positions are included?

General management (General/Country Manager), Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Finance Manager/CFO, Controlling, Technical manager, Engineering manager, Maintenance manager, Production Manager, Project manager, Supply chain manager, Logistics manager, Purchasing/procurement manager, Quality manager, QHSE manager, EHS manager, Sales manager, IT manager, HR manager.

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